Undergraduate Researchers

Macià Monfort Castillo

Exchange Student

Research: I am an undergraduate exchange student from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) studying at Georgia Tech. I have done research with Prof Romero-Calvo on magnetohydrodynamics and its applications for Water-Based CubeSat Propulsion, and I would like to continue exploring hydrogen-based aerospace propulsion in the future.

Shay Vitale

PURA researcher

Research: I am a 3rd-year aerospace engineering student at Georgia Tech and recipient of the Presidential Undergraduate Research Award (PURA) exploring propellant management in microgravity environments. I am working to develop mathematical models that compare the impact of different forces including magnetic and dielectrophoretic forces on propellant behavior. The results of this project will inform propellant management device selection for tanks of different sizes and contribute to the development of more efficient propulsion systems for future space missions.